Finance for Non-Finance Professional

Finance for Non-Finance Professional

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This crash course enables professionals from functional areas other than finance such as sales, marketing, human resource, production, etc., to gain a working knowledge of fundamental financial concepts and principles.  This will help them in making critical business decisions involving cost-savings, budgets, new projects decisions, growth strategies and so on. Participants will be able to better understand and analyse financial statements.

Course Framework

This course consists of self-learning text and audio-visual content, combined with 4 two-hour sessions of live (virtual) classes conducted over a course of two days, conducted by our in-house expert, Mr. Sanjay Lodha.  The four sessions will cover the followig:

Session 1 - Financial Statements 101
Session 2 - It's All In The Cash Flow
Session 3 - Financial Analysis (including Ratio Analysis)
Session 4 - Capital Flow

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