Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have forgotten my login password ?

If you have forgotten your login password, simply click on the "Forgot Password".  On the page that opens, please enter your registered email ID and click "Submit".  You will receive and email from us, in the inbox of your email registered with us.   You will find your login ID and password in this email.
- - - -

I have forgotten my user ID.

Please send us an email at  
In the subject line of that email, please include the text "Forgot User ID".
In the body of the email, please include the email address that you think you may have registered with us.
Our support team will get back to you post evaluation of your request.
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I am currently employed with Rajasthan Police.  Am I eligible to subscribe to free courses with PrepMantra?

Yes.  All current or past personnel of Rajasthan Police, and their family members, are eligible to benefit from the free services provided by PrepMantra.  

Which family members of Rajasthan Police personnel can benefit from free services from PrepMantra ?

Family members who can benefit from free PrepMantra services include:

  1. Spouse (husband/wife)
  2. Children
  3. Siblings (brother/sister)
  4. GrandChildren
  5. Parents

Each of the above individuals will have to be registered separately, with a separate email IDs.  However, each of these registrants will be required to provide you service ID, at the time of registration.
- - - -

What is "Service ID" ?  Why do I need to provide this?

As you are aware that personnel of your organization are eligible to subscribe to services of PrepMantra, at not cost.  In order for us to ensure that the users registering with PrepMantra are indeed from your organization, you need to provide us with you employee number / force regimental number.  Our system verifies the service ID provided by you and then allows you to proceed with registration. 

One service ID may be used to register multiple family members.