Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many courses can I register at one time ?

You only need to register once with PrepCentral.  You may however subscribe up to 3 courses at any given time.

My school is offering a similar learning platform by the name PrepMantra.  How is PrepCentral different?

PrepMantra is a B2B platform serving instutional clients including schools and coaching centers.   PrepCentral directly reaches out to individual students, who are associated with institutions that have not subscribed to PrepMantra.    Both PrepMantra and PrepCentral use a common technology platform.

Does PrepCentral have live online classes ?

No.  PrepCentral is an online test-prep and studying platform.  PrepCentral supports students by providing carefully curated study notes, related short video clips, practice questions and customized mock tests.

Are the subscription charges refundable ?

PrepCentral provides reasonable opportunities to evaluate the test-prep platform and familiarize oneself with the format and quality of learning content delivered through our platform.  Students are encouraged to spend a lot of time by using our demo account, to get a feel of our platform.  It is PrepCentral policy decision that susbscription charges will not be refunded, unless the application of refund is made online, within 48 hours of the payment of subscription charges.

Can I try the site out before I subscribe to any course?

Yes, you can ! 
Any visitor can try out the PrepCentral application by using the demo account access details, mentioned in the "PrepCentral Demo" section of the PrepCentral website.

There is no limitation on the amount of time visitors can try out the PrepCentral application. 

We must however notify that the content provided in the demo access can neither be considered to complete, nor accurate.  This content is provided only to allow visitors to have an experience the benefits and features of subscribing to PrepCentral.

How can I register my school / coaching institute with PrepCentral ?

PrepCentral offers its services to schools, corporations, tutors and other educational institutions, at very competitive bulk registration rates.  Our services are offered either directly under the PrepMantra brand or as white-labelled services.

Please contact us at 9930 998899 or by email: more details.

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I cannot see the course I want to do.  Can you add it please?

We are committed to expanding the list of courses available on our platform.  However, you would understand that adding a course requires time and resources.  Therefore, most courses available on our platform are popular courses with that a lot of people attempt.  Still, if you would like to add a specific course, kindly email us the course name at  Our academic team shall consider the same and evaluate the possibility of adding it to the list courses available on our platform.

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I have forgotten my login password ?

If you have forgotten your login password, simply click on the "Forgot Password".  On the page that opens, please enter your registered email ID and click "Submit".  You will receive and email from us, in the inbox of your email registered with us.   You will find your login ID and password in this email.
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I have forgotten my user ID.

Please send us an email at  
In the subject line of that email, please include the text "Forgot User ID".
In the body of the email, please include the email address that you think you may have registered with us.
Our support team will get back to you post evaluation of your request.
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Why do you have only one test per subject?

We have unlimited customized tests for each subject, generated specifically for each student, using artificial intelligence. 

What you see in the "Practice Tests" section of the application, are test templates, that generate a new test paper, every time you attempt that test.  So for example, if you have a test called "Biology", then every time you click on that test, a new test paper will be generated specifically for you, based on your studying patterns and previous attempts of tests. 
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Do you have chapter / topic wise practice tests ?

Yes.  The topic wise tests are available in the "Notes" for that particular topic.  You can take as many topic wise tests as you wish.   To take a topic wise test:

  1. Select "Study Material" in the menu
  2. Select "Notes" from the dropdown menu
  3. Choose the desired topic / notes which you want to test.
  4. In the top right of the "Notes" page, you will find the button "Practice Test"
  5. Clicking on "Practice Test" will start the practice test for that note / topic.

- - - -

How can I see the scores that I have achieved in my tests ?

The moment you submit any test, your scores for that test attempt will be flashed on your screen.   Past scores can be viewed in "Scores & Analysis" section.  Past scores and analysis includes:

  1. Individual test scores and review
  2. Average scores across all past attempts of any particular test template
  3. Average scores across all past attempts of ALL attempts of ALL test templates in the selected course

Apart from your scores, you will also be able to view and compare the avarage scores of all students who have taken the selected test template, as well as the average of all students in you network, who have taken the selected test template.
- - - -

Will I be able to review my test attempt and analyse which questions I have answered correctly or incorrectly?

Yes, you can.
You will be able to review any particular test attempt by clicking on the "Review" link, provided next to each test attempt.
- - - -

Do you provide solutions and explanations to the exam questions ?

We provide detailed solutions and explanations to most questions that are included in the tests generated by the system.  Having said that, there may be many questions, where provide solutions / explanations may not be required.
- - - -

There is a mistake in the question / answer that was a part of the practice test.   What can I do ?

We take all the necessary steps to ensure the quality, relevance and accuracy of the content uploaded on to our platform.  We also conduct regular reviews to keep our content relevant and updated.  Still, it is possible that human error does occur and you might encounter errors in the questions generated by the application.

In case you have encountered an error in the content, you can inform our content team in the following manner:

  1. Click on "Scores & Analysis" in the menu.
  2. Select the test attempt that had the erroneous question / answer, and click on "Review".
  3. Open the erroneous question / answer in the test review
  4. You will fnd a button at the top with the text "Report Error"
  5. Clicking on "Report Error" will open up a dialogue box, where you can report the error you have encountered.
  6. Clicking on "✓" will send the erroneous question, along with your comments to our content team.

Once our content team receives your error report, it will investigate its validity and take the necessary action.  If our content team finds your error report to be valid, it will make the necessary changes and inform you by way of email.   Please note, that while the corrections (if any) made will be immediately visible in the content, your past scores will not be updated.
- - - -

Can I exit an exam / test without answering all questions ?

Yes, you can do so by clicking on "Exit Exam" link located in the right panel on the "Tests" page.
- - - -

What are the numbers appearing in the right panel of the exams / tests page ?

The numbers appearing in the right panel of the exams / tests screen are question numbers that form a part of test navigation. Clicking on any of the given numbers will allow you to move directly to that question number, thus allowing you to navigate the exam questions, in addition to using the "Prev | Next" links.
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The Dashboard shows a box "Your Network".  What is this?

Our platform has an integrated social plugin, which allows you to connect with other students of your institution.   The social plugin allows you to send and receive messages from students who you follow and students who follow you.   More importantly, you will be able to view the test scores of students in your network and compare your performances with theirs.

Note however, that in order for you to view tests scores of students in your network, their privacy policy is set to allow you to view their scores.
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How can I stop other students from viewing my scores?

In order to prevent other students in your network, from viewing your tests scores, you can:

  1. Click on "My Profile" link located in the top right of the page. 
  2. In the "My Profile" page, click on the button "Update Profile"
  3. You will find the dropdown for "Score Access"
  4. You can click on this dropdow and select:
    1. "Network Only", if you want to allow only students in your network, to view your tests scores"
    2. "None", if you want to keep your scores private.

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