About Rajasthan Police PrepMantra

How do you repay the debt of a person who is willing to take the bullet for you ?
- Team PrepMantra

Rajasthan Police PrepMantra is an online learning application, offered free of charge by PrepMantra, to all family members of the personnel of the Rajasthan Police Force.

At PrepMantra, we believe that the only limitation that a student should have, is his / her own willingness to learn. Our philosophy is to make quality test prep tools available to all students, ensuring equal opportunity for all.

PrepMantra makes it possible for the family members of the Rajasthan Police Force personnel to get free access to premium learning & test-opportunities.

PrepMantra is a state-of-art system for serious students. Our intuitive learning application customizes learning content and practice exams to each student’s needs. An interactive social plugin allows peer2peer interaction, remote mentoring and competitive performance comparison. PrepMantra has a distinguished team of content writers, including professors, former students and private tutors.

PrepMantra subscription provides students with access to unlimited, customized practice tests for each concept, chapter and subject.  Each subsequent attempt of a test is generated to push a student's knowledge and testing skills, at a pace customized for each student.  In addition to unlimited customized tests, PrepMantra offers carefully curated notes for each concept / chapter / section, along with context-based short videos, thus covering all types of learners and learning techniques.

"Free" does not cut corners. 
Family members of Rajasthan Police Personnel get access to ALL the features and benefits of PrepMantra, that our paid customers get.

PrepMantra is far ahead of its time with exclusive, innovative features including:

  1. Artificial intelligence based algorithms that guide students by using:
    1. Predictive trackers monitor a student’s learning curve.
    2. Adaptive exam generation customizes each exam to the student’s  performance level.
    3. Cognitive scheduling guides students through learning and revision processes
  2. Collaborative Learning
    PrepMantra offers three avenues for peer2peer communication and interaction including:
    1. Interactive social platform
    2. “Ask a Question” forum
    3. Remote mentor access

While a lot can be written to describle the PrepMantra system, if you are associated with Rajasthan Police, perhaps the best way to register and experience the application for yourself.