How many courses can I register at one time ?
You only need to register once with PrepCentral.  You may however subscribe up to 3 courses at any given time.

How can I register my school / coaching institute with PrepCentral ?
Please contact us by emailing us at sales@prepcentral.in

Does PrepCentral have live online classes ?
No.  PrepCentral is an online test-prep and studying platform.  PrepCentral supports students by providing carefully curated study notes, related short video clips, practice questions and customized mock tests.

Are the subscription charges refundable ?
PrepCentral provides reasonable opportunities to evaluate the test-prep platform and familiarize oneself with the format and quality of learning content delivered through our platform.  Students are encouraged to spend a lot of time by using our demo account, to get a feel of our platform.  It is PrepCentral policy decision that susbscription charges will not be refunded, unless the application of refund is made online, within 48 hours of the payment of subscription charges.