Our Services

Ybrant People provides end to end training solutions to include:-

  • Training Project Management
  • TNA: Training Need Analysis
  • Organisational Development interventions
  • ILT: Instructor Led Trainings
  • Content Development
  • Outdoor Workshops

We have conducted trainings for:-

  • Corporate
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • Govt. Bodies
  • Colleges/Professional Institutes

Our mission is to consistently deliver value to our clients. Through quality recruitment solutions we enable efficient hiring and creating a pool of exceptionally strong and competent professionals.

  • We provide very high quality and responsive Manpower Solutions to our clients.
  • We handle staffing assignments at all levels and in all functional areas to enable our clients recruit the right people.

Based out of Delhi, we serve Pan India. We have been retained by some eminent industry stalwarts from

  • Manufacturing,
  • Media & Entertainment,
  • Advertising (both ATL & BTL),
  • Retail, Hospitality,
  • IT & ITeS (BPO/KPO),
  • Security Industry,
  • Automotives and
  • Education sector among others

for providing them with best professionals to suit their talent requirement and have, in turn, we have acquired an enviable reputation as an effective manpower-solution provider for various Industries.

In today’s competitive corporate environment we understand the need for highly motivated skilled human resource with the required functional competencies that characterize efficiency and growth in any dynamic organization. Our endeavour is to provide high calibre professionals to our clients. We maintain a very strong and premium databank of candidates at all level. Our rigorous screening and training process ensures that clients can rely on us to handle your requirements in shortest possible time. We keep abreast of rapid developments that take place in corporate arena and keep upgrading our database accordingly. We at YPMC strive towards understanding the organization’s requirements and providing them with the Right People at the Right Time.

The core principles which govern us are the client benefit, learning and relationship focus. We value quality, prompt service and cost effectiveness.

We mentor companies in setting up HR policies and processes. We have a team of experienced HR professionals who use their expertise in customizing the HR policies and processes as per the type of industry duly taking into account the legal and cultural aspects. We also take on the implementation of the policies and processes by providing dedicated HR resources to the mentored companies.

Ybrant offers temp staffing solutions to its Esteemed Clients, partnering and facilitating Clients to acquire flexible yet permanent workforce thus reducing employment related risks while enhancing productivity and quality.

Why Outsource Human Resource?

  1. Reduce Liability
    A single poorly handled employee incident can imperil your entire organization. Issues from wrongful termination to a hostile workplace need never be an issue in an organization that is doing all the little things necessary to prevent them. The problem is that many organizations are not aware of their responsibilities, and this can lead to disaster. Our clients sleep well at night knowing that these things are being professionally and competently handled.
  2. Increase Employee Productivity
    YPMC implements strategic performance management plans for every employee in your organization which are aligned with your business goals. We then put systems in place to monitor report and review the performance of each member of your team. Employees appreciate knowing exactly what is expected of them, and will rise to exacting standards when they know their performance is being measured and reviewed.
  3. Decrease Total Cost of Labour
    YPMC will analyze your entire cost of labor from benefits, workers’ compensation, compliance management, payroll administration, low productivity and more, and find the places where your organization could be more efficient. Depending on the size of your firm, that could mean hundreds of thousands of rupees a year in savings.
  4. Increase Profits
    YPMC’s strategic human resources solutions lower your overall cost of labour, and with our performance plans and metrics, your entire organization will be operating at higher levels of output.
  5. Strategic Decision Making
    Making good decisions requires good information. Our HR systems management makes strategic planning and efficient allocation of scarce resources much easier for our clients.
  6. Employer of Choice
    One of the biggest hits to your productivity and profitability is employee turnover. Keeping good employees happy doesn’t happen by accident. It is planned! Our clients benefit from thoroughly planned and proven HR administration that dramatically reduces turnover. From recruiting the best people, to designing effective compensation plans, to regular performance reviews to training and development programs, we can help.
  7. Focus On Business
    YPMC handles HR, freeing our clients to focus on growing their business.

Temp Staffing
Through temporary staffing services, Ybrant offers:

  1. Recruitment. Recruitment of employees as per the Client’s stipulation and assigning them to the client’s workplace. This activity may include all or some of the following steps :-
    1. Advertising, Database, Sourcing.
    2. Pre-screening, interviewing.
    3. Assessments (Paid service, cost will be billed to the client).
    4. Employee selection.
  2. Managing of HR, Administration and Statutory Compliances.
  3. Option of absorption of employees by Client at any point during the contract period.
  4. Payroll Services for the Temp Staff working for Client but remain on Payroll of YPS.
  5. Induction:
    1. Issue appointment letters (as approved by Client).
    2. Joining kit (To be provided by Client).
    3. Induction session (To be provided by Client).
    4. Employee Handbook (Benefits booklet, Claim forms etc) (To be provided by Client).
  6. Administration:
    1. Create and maintain Employee Master Database.
    2. Payroll processing and Benefits administration.
    3. Reimbursement and claims processing.
    4. Leave monitoring and record management.
    5. Comprehensive Statutory compliances (PF, ESI, TDS, LWF, etc.).
    6. Exit interview and final settlements.
    7. Co-Branded ID Cards & Business cards (Optional, Paid Service, Cost at actual billed to client).
  7. Client Servicing:
    1. Account Manager nominated as Contact Point for Client & Employees.
    2. Query Handling – Client and Employee.
    3. Raising of Invoices.
    4. Comprehensive Monthly Report to the Client.