Mesages By Professionals

The ability to practice your communication skills, including speaking, is most appreciated by my communication course student.   EnglishReady has the potential of bringing about a serious upsurge in the number of English speaking Indian professionals and skilled workers.   Very well-organized, engaging content supports the efforts of students in improving their English speaking skills.


~Col. Shivnandan Singh
Senior Trainer - Communication & Soft Skills

EnglishReady is the most innovative and engaging online / app-based English speaking course, I have found in my 30+ years career as a training professional.  The most striking features that differentiates EnglishReady from other such online courses are:

  1. Focus on listening, comprehension and speaking abilities
  2. The "Test Your Speech" function helps students practice their speaking skills, without fear or hesitation.  The system evaluates and scores a learner's speech and allows him/her to practice.

~Neerja Sisodia
Senior Trainer - English Speaking

PrepMantra has proven to be an excellent tool for BSF personnel and their families, helping them prepare for the various exams that they have been preparing.  It offers a wide range of courses from multiple fields, including competitive exams, recruitment exams, post-graduate entrance exams and even language skills.


~K K Sharma
Former DG - Border Security Force