BSF PrepMantra offers to personnel of the Border Security Force, free subscription to our premium test-prep courses across multiple fields and levels of learning.   The registration process BSF Personnel involves the following steps:-

  1. Provide a valid email address. 
  2. Provide your 10 digit mobile phone number.
  3. Please create and provide a new password for BSF PrepMantra
  4. The screen name is displayed on the screen when you are logged into BSF PrepMantra. 
    You may or may not provide your real name in this box.
  5. A default city, based on your location will be displayed here. 
    You may change the city, if you so desire.
  6. Please select your desired course. 
    During registration, you will be able to select only course.  However, once you have logged in you will be allowed to add up to 3 courses.
  7. In the Service ID box, please provide you Force Regimental Number.
    1. Please note that multiple family members can be registered on a single Service ID.
    2. However, each family member will require a separate email address to register.
  8. Captcha validation will require you type the word that is shown in the image above the captcha box.
    This is done for security purposes.


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