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The Navy Wives Welfare Association (NWWA) is an Association of wives of the Indian Navy personnel. It is a registered society; under Society Registration Act XXI of 1860 vide certificate number 3224 issued on 27th January 1967 as Naval Officers Wives Association and name amended as NWWA, on 14th February 1986.

NWWA supplements the efforts of the Indian Navy in areas of community welfare and development, particularly with regard to the families. The Navy extends the needed encouragement and support for the programmes as it lays a great emphasis in the well-being of the families. NWWA operates on an all India basis and is headed by the wife of the Chief of the Naval Staff based at New Delhi. The wives of the three Commanders-in-Chief at Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Kochi, monitor and coordinate NWWA activities, within the respective Commands and are designated as Regional Presidents.

The range of programmes of the Association cover most areas of concern for the woman of today, from home & children to jobs and careers. There is no contradiction between women who have opted for professional work and those who have stayed at 'home' - each one has a very vital role to play in all aspects of life of the community and society.

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